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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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The fangocur products for rosacea

"The results surpassed my expectations!!"
  • Rosacea
  • Experience:
    Dear team,

    I would like to tell you about my treatment using your products. For a few years now, I have had rosacea and couperose. I went to see a dermatologist, and he prescribed an (artificial) salve, which was really not suitable for my skin and just did more harm than good. I ended up discontinuing use of this cream, and I talked to a pharmacist to get some advice. He offered me another (artificial) cream that delivered some great results within three days – but on the fourth day there were even more pimples than before using it! I was feeling pretty desperate. I checked out four internet forums. On one of them I found a video from a previous pharmacy industry executive, and he explained how the artificial ingredients used make the body and the skin dependent on their continued use. He also said that the chemicals used make the body lazy when it comes to developing and maintaining its own protective mechanisms. What he said made an impression on me, and so I looked for natural products and decided to stop using any artificial products on my skin. At around the same time, someone I work with told me about fangocur…she's also a customer. I ordered a soap, a mask and a cream in order to give them a try. The results surpassed all of my expectations!! My skin finally learned to protect itself after the treatment. My skin was visibly less red, and for the most part I was free of pimples! It is certainly no "miracle product", but does such a thing really exist? It is far and away the most effective treatment that I've been able to try until today.

    Acne Mineral Soap:

    It's a soap that is pleasant to use as a shampoo and for washing your face. It lathers up quickly, does not dry the skin and cleans thoroughly yet gently. The smell is rather normal for products without perfume added. I myself like it a lot.

    Acne Mineral Mask:

    I love this mask! It's true that the smell is not the best thing that I've ever smelled, but it does smell natural and it is clearly healing clay, which is just the thing I was looking for! One quickly feels the effects of the mask – within minutes. Specifically one feels a kind of drying absorption in the skin. After removing the mask the skin is red, which shows that the mask is encouraging circulation in the skin and thus the elimination of toxins and impurities. The treatment is intended to last for 14 days, and to do that you have to use it sparingly as in my opinion the amount is barely enough for the whole two weeks.

    Cream N°4:

    This cream is the best! I also really love how it smells. It is silky, is absorbed evenly and offers just the right amount of moisturising. It is ideal for summer, and it's a little to light for the more sensitive types of skin in the winter. It works well and soothes the skin, and at the same time it allows the skin to breath. There is neither an oily layer left on the complexion, nor is there any kind of sticky feeling on the skin. The dispenser makes it possible to use exactly the right amount. The only downside: Sometimes that pump did not work perfectly, so from time to time you might have to push the pump 20 times or so before anything comes out.

    I hope that these products can improve the everyday lives of other people with conditions similar to mine.

    Thanks fangocur.

    Christophe LAVIGNE

    *Name changed at the request of the customer.

    *Translated from the original French.


    Length of Treatment:
    Multiple two-week treatments

    Product(s) Used:
    Acne Mineral Mask
    Acne Mineral Soap
    Mineral Cream N°4

    Mr Lavigne* (France) is very happy with the products from fangocur
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