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Success using ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules for rheumatoid arthritis

Ms Braida shares her experience with treating her rheumatoid arthritis using ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules.
  • Back, muscle and joint problems
  • Experience:
    I have to thank the person who recommended these capsules to me personally. I am happy that I gave it a try and suck with with treatment. I never stop using it now!!!

    First, I would like to give you a litte history. After eight months of nonstop fevers and numerous medical examinations, some of them quite invasive and all of them "negative", I awoke one day with extremely swollen joints, so bad that I was no longer able to walk. I went to the urgent care center first thing where I received treatment – I was sent to the rheumatology department where I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis. I received the "normal" medical treatment for the condition: Methotrexate and cortisone. Then I did a special treatment with a concentrate containing Tocilizumab as the active ingredient. I was diligent about using this medication, but it did have a number of side effects: abdominal pain, hair loss, irritability, etc.

    Then I heard about natural products so I decided to give it a go, and once again I was diligent about using it…that's just how I do things. I have to say that the swelling I was experiencing, even after using the medication, slowly but surely became less and less. Some time later my mobility improved, and after taking two red capsules in the morning and two green capsules in the evening, I am no longer taking the Methotrexat. I stopped using the cortisone soon after starting the treatment. Soon I'll also be giving up on the other medication, the one claimed to be "bio". All of this came as quite a surprise to the doctor who was treating me!!!

    To the people who have problems similar to mine, I would simply say to give these capsules a try. One cannot completely cure an autoimmune disease, but you should do everything possible in order to have a good quality of life, and to find a solution that is less invasive for the body.

    My thanks to fangocur!!!

    *Translated from the original Italian.

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    Length of Treatment:
    4 months

    Product(s) Used:
    ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules

    Ms Braida (Italy) recommends ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules
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