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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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Positive experience with the TriggerSleeping Mobility Pillow and fangocur Mineral Soaps

Mr Eckhardt is so thankful for the products from fangocur.
  • Acne, blemishes, problem skin
  • Back, muscle and joint problems
  • Experience:
    Hi fangocur-Team,

    Attached you'll find two reviews for publication on your website. I'm also sending a photo. The statements here reflect my real opinion. If I have written anything in an unclear way, or you'd like me to explain something further, feel free to contact me.


    Problem: Neck tension with limited range of motion

    The actual reason that I came across fangocur was the TriggerSleeping pillow. For a few years I suffered with extreme neck tension, so much so that it was becoming impossible to sleep. As it was at its worst mornings, it was clear that stress was not the only cause – the pillow that I was using also played a role. I had already tried two ergonomic pillows, but in spite of that I found no relief. An ad on the Internet led me to ordering your pillow.

    Just two weeks later, I noticed a marked improvement…so much so that I was almost free on pain. I think that the mattress also has to fit the pillow one uses, because if the sleeping surface is too hard then there is a related overextension of the neck, and if the mattress is too soft then one develops a curvature in the spine – neither of these problems can be attributed to the pillow alone.

    I can confirm the validity of the neck mobility principle along with the pulling effect of the pillow. It is so comfortable that your head is not fixed in one position!

    When I went on vacation for a week, I again experienced strong neck pain after using a down pillow at the resort where I was staying. Since then, whenever I'm away for more than a couple nights, I always take this pillow with me. Thank you very much for this pillow!

    Mineral soaps

    Problem: Skin blemishes and dry skin

    I have tried all three of your soaps. For me, the Mineral Soap with aloe vera fits best. I have been using this soap for three years now. The first few times I used it, the feeling on the skin was strange because it didn't feel so smooth, the way it does after using a shower gel. After some weeks I ended up washing with shower gel again, and I noticed that it wasn't my skin that felt smooth – instead there was a kind of film left by the gel, which I really did not like. Maybe this was supposed to provide some kind of moisture protection. Nonetheless, I stopped using shower gel. After a few months, I noticed that I had almost zero skin problems. Additionally, I gave up on skin creams of any kind (hand cream, facial cream, lotion, foot cream) and I also almost entirely stopped using shampoos that I "needed" before to address my dry skin. This was just not possible with any of the shower gels that I tried, whether they were Sensitive, Hydra…, Ultra…, or whatever name they had. Thank you very much for this soap!

    All the best,
    Roman Eckhardt

    *Translated from the original German.

    Neck tension
    Limited range of motion in cervical spine
    Skin blemishes
    Dry skin

    Length of Treatment:
    Everyday use

    Product(s) Used:
    TriggerSleeping Mobility Pillow
    AloeVera Mineral Soap

    Mr Eckhardt recommends the products from fangocur
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