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Bentomed helpful after years of acid reflux

Ms Knipper doesn't hold back with her recommendation:
Use Bentomed for heartburn!
  • Cough due to irritation
  • Heartburn
  • Experience:
    I am 49 years old, and for many years I have suffered with acid reflux, sometimes leading to extreme irritation of my oesophagus. During the day I didn't experience any symptoms, but at night I have an itching and burning feeling in my throat, of course depending on what I'd eaten that night, how much and at what time. My oesophageal sphincter functions almost normally, but the seal is still problematic. All of the things that I have done to try to help – homeopathy, acupuncture, dietary changes, other peloid clays, teas, acid "binders", PPIs – nothing has helped. The PPIs caused such severe side effects (intense headache, dizziness, pressure in my head) that I had to stop taking them after a couple of days. I thought that I would just have to live with this illness.

    My biggest complaint also had to do with my related cough, and the need to always be clearing my throat, along with a tickle in my throat and phlegm. It was really bothersome. Over the years, I have had many sleepless nights during which I coughed all night long. There were mornings that in which my cough continued for a few hours, sometimes even lasting all day. This went on regardless what I did: laughing, swallowing, eating, drinking, etc. It was all the worse during the cold and flu season. The problem was not only stressful for me – it put a strain on everyone around me.

    All the medical check I had showed nothing wrong with my lungs, nonetheless I was prescribed cortisone and medication to dilate my bronchioles, which of course I did not want to be taking for the rest of my life. The idea that my chronic cough and nasal symptoms was related to my acid reflux only came to me only in recent years, after visiting a doctor who was both a lung specialist and a gastroenterologist.

    Through my many years of internet research on this topic, by chance I came across Bentomed from fangocur. I found encouragement in the many positive evaluations, so I ordered it right away and gave it a try. In such a situation, one in more than will to give new things a try.

    At first the taste was almost unbearable, but in the meantime I've gotten used to it…a little anyway. The effectiveness is amazing. At the most I use a half teaspoon in the evening before I go to bed – this in combination with cutting down on sugar and using Stevia instead and avoiding milk products has resulted in all of my symptoms completely disappearing within a few days. The coughing and phlegm are gone entirely…what an amazing feeling! I can eat normally in the evening again, and I can even have a glass of wine or two without having that itchy feeling in my throat at night along with endless mucus. I no longer use any medications for my nose or throat.

    Because I feel so good after using Bentomed, I kept using it for a few months, and now I'd like to shift to using it in a more short-term way as Bentomed is not intended to be used of the time. In between phases of using Bentomed, I'll be giving Bentovital a try, which is meant to be used every day. I hope that all goes well with that, too!

    I am amazed with how effective this amazing healing clay is, and I am overjoyed that I found it. I would not hesitate to recommend it to other people, and I hope that my testimonial will be helpful for anyone who might be having to deal with the same problems that I was having.

    *Translated from the original German.

    Acid reflux
    Extreme throat pain
    Oesophageal burning and irritation
    Chronic cough

    Length of Treatment:
    Two months

    Product(s) Used:

    Ms Knipper used Bentomed to treat acid reflux and related cough due to throat irritation
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