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ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules for shoulder problems, back pain and knee arthrosis

  • Back, muscle and joint problems
  • Experience:
    I suffer with a number of problems, including shoulder pain, backache and pain in my legs. I also suddenly developed intense pain in my knee that did not go away after taking medication for the pain. I went to the doctor for the problem, and he diagnosed me with arthrosis and said that the cartilage in the joint is worn out. The doctor recommended that I lose some weight. I was supposed to use a cane to walk and I received prescriptions for several medications, and he sent me to physical therapy. After a week the pain was still there, and I also developed abdominal pain and heartburn. That lead me to do some research – so I ended up ordering ArthroDisc. I asked the physical therapist if it was okay to take them but she wasn't able to say yes or no, so I decided on my own to take them! I had tried so many things, so I could certainly try one more thing I thought.

    After 10 days of the intensive treatment, the pain decreased and I was able to leave the cane at home. I kept the ArthroDisc package so I'd be sure to not forget where I bought them. I was a good thing that I ordered the double pack – that way I was able to start with the refresher treatment as soon as I noticed some light pain again.

    *Translated from the original Italian.

    Product(s) Used:
    ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules (240 caps)

    Ms Pellitteri, an ArthroDisc user in Italy, is very satisfied with the joint and disc capsules
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