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Using ArthroDisc for disc degeneration and disc prolapse

  • Back, muscle and joint problems
  • Experience:

    I would like to let you know about the effectiveness of your ArthroDisc product.

    A year ago I had severe back problems. I went to a neurosurgeon as I really wanted to get rid of these problems, but after treatment including cortisone injections and pain medication, I really saw no improvement. After undergoing a special scan of my back, I received the diagnosis: degeneration in five discs as well as a disc prolapse in my fourth neck vertebrae – the problem in my neck was so advanced that surgery was no longer an option. The icing on the cake was that I was suffering with meniscus and tendon damage at the same time and the pain was almost unbearable. I couldn’t even walk anymore, and after I had the scan it was confirmed that I also had damaged cartilage. All of these problems were caused by normal moving. I asked the specialist what I should do and he recommended surgery. I wasn’t convinced, so I searched the Internet for opinions from other doctors…specifically if they would recommend surgery for problems like mine. Some of them recommended ozone therapy, some hyaluronic acid injections. I came across your product by chance, and I thought to myself that I’d already thrown away so much good money on doctor visits, so why not give this a try? I ordered the first package. I have to admit that I kind of thought that I had been tricked once again by false promises as I noticed zero improvement in the first 20 days of using ArthroDisc. Then I woke up one morning, and the pain was miraculously much less. I continued with the treatment – I should add here that I was taking two capsules per day rather than the recommended four – and still over time the pain went away. I can walk well again, with no problems, and my back pain is gone. I’m doing the treatment again, then I’ll take some time off and do one more treatment. Soon I will be repeating that special spinal scan that I underwent before just to see how things are going, and I really hope that the problems with my discs are gone.

    I would like to thank you for being so professional, and thank you for offering such dependable products. I have recommended ArthroDisc to everyone I know – so many people suffer with similar problems.

    Thanks again!

    Benito Santamaria

    *Translated from the original Italian.

    Disc degeneration, disc prolapse

    Product(s) Used:
    ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules

    Mr Santamaria (Italy) successfully treated his back problems with ArthroDisc
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