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Abdominal pain secondary to paraplegia: Bentomed and Bentovital ease everyday life

A testimonial to raise the spirits of those with digestive system problems.
  • Intestinal problems
  • Experience:
    To whom it may concern,

    I'm happy to write in as requested and let you know about my experience using Bentomed and Bentovital.

    Background information:
    I have been living with paraplegia since 21 October 2011, this following an accident and 13 related surgeries. My most problematic symptom is dysfunctional sphincter muscle in my lower intestines. Among other things, I suffer with continuous abdominal pain, and two surgeries to implant an artificial sphincter went poorly. Following this I only had about 33% functionality. Until now, the only relief I've found is using an irrigation device produced by Braun. Unfortunately though it's very aggressive on my lower intestinal tract. In order to get through the day reasonably well, I looked long and hard for a product to lessen the discomfort in both my stomach and intestines.

    In June of 2013 I stumbled across the "fangocur" when searching the Internet. In this case the best way to find out how something works is to give it a try, so I started using Bentomed. After getting some good advice from your friendly service team, I was persuaded to alternate between Bentomed and Bentovital ever three or four months once I had the felling that I no longer had abdominal pain all the time.

    I require more or less constant care, but I can get around the neighborhood well enough with the usual safety aides (heavy trousers, walker). Constant abdominal pain has reduced the quality of any downtime that I do have. Nonetheless, I couldn't expect to get anymore help from my doctors as either the medications don't help or I simply can't tolerate them (e.g. a morphine patch).

    As you might guess from my description, I came across your natural products after a lot of searching. I have had some success and that was of course better than nothing. I recommend that anyone who suffers with intestinal or stomach complaints try to avoid medications, especially any product that contains any Diclofenac. A doctor who was treating me also once told me this in no uncertain terms.

    Hopefully others will keep my experiences in mind.

    Yours truly,

    Günter Hanisch

    *Translated from the original German.

    Stomach and intestinal complaints secondary to abdominal surgery and paraplegia

    Product(s) Used:

    Mr Günter Hanisch of Potsdam (Germany)
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