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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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My skin looks and feels better thanks to fangocur

"Now I feel better in my skin than I have in a very long time."
  • Rosacea
  • Experience:
    Approximately two years ago I was handed a diagnosis of rosacea, this after ever more severe skin problems for years and many trips to the dermatologist. I was give an antibiotic gel and told which medications I should be using in the future to take care of my skin.

    In spite of following the advice I was given, my skin continued to become worse after following all the instructions – there were times when my skin felt like sandpaper, and I always had the feeling that it was irritated somehow as well. I decided to take matters into my own hands and give some other products a try. I focused on natural products, and also products that were especially gentle on the skin. After making this change things started to look up for my skin for a while, but after a short time I was back to struggling with the burning and painful irritation along with peeling. Moreover the anti-biotic gel didn't really help, although I was diligent in applying it every morning and evening. Whenever my skin was exposed to a cold breeze for more than a few minutes, it was a certainty that I would be seeing a return of my skin problems: extreme redness with small pimples, and it just became worse and worse.

    I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house anymore, and I began to resign myself to simply getting used to living with my skin problems.

    Nonetheless, I did some research on the internet – in the process, I quickly ended up on the fangocur website. I was not very hopeful, but I ordered a soap and the mineral mask for rosacea as well as a Mineral Cream N° 4 as the testimonials did make me a little curious.

    So what can I say? To my amazement and joy I had finally found a product that not only made big claims, instead it very quickly improved the condition of my skin…both in terms of how it looked and how it felt. After the first use, the burning feeling in my skin went away, and that was a very nice feeling. I stopped using the antibiotic gel some time ago, and not that I only use your products, I can show my face in public without a care.

    Now I feel better in my skin than I have in a very long time, and I’m not stressing my skin with any medications. As I’m getting on in years, I’ve stopped using the mineral mask as it seems to dry out my skin a bit too much. Also, when the weather gets colder I start using Mineral Cream N° 5 (for irritated skin) rather than the Mineral Cream N° 4, which provides the perfect relief from the dry air caused by indoor heating. To clean my skin, I have started using the other two fangocur soaps in addition to the one that’s specifically for acne and rosacea – it’s become a real joy to try things out and learn what my skin likes best because I know that I can be sure that your products are good for me, and it’s quickly clear if one of them is not ideal. I simply no longer have to deal with any negative effects on my skin. fangocur not only helped to improve the condition of my skin – it also improved the quality of my life and made me more confident.

    Thank you!


    G. Dasen

    *Translated from the original French.

    Burning and painful itching, skin peeling

    Product(s) Used:
    Curative Mineral Mask
    Mineral Cream N°4
    Mineral Cream N°5

    G. Dasen is a satisfied customer in Switzerland
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