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Bentomed - A wonderful discovery

While searching for natural products, Ms Werrion discovered Bentomed – she's very exited about the fact that one can also "drink" healing clay.
  • Gastritis & peptic ulcers
  • Heartburn
  • Experience:
    I'm happy to share my experience with Bentomed, a natural product from fangocur.

    I suffer with depression and stomach ulcers due to the presence of a micro-organism called "Helicobacter Pylori". For some time now I've been using an allopathic (i.e. conventional medicine) drug for acid reflux, which causes such intense pain that it causes heartburn and inflammation in my esophagus, and it can even cause vomiting. The medication I was taking were sometimes quite expensive, and they only worked for a limited period of time…they were more harmful than helpful.

    I am a vegan and I'm against normal medications as well as antibiotics. I wanted to discontinue these treatment methods as they go against my way of thinking and seemed to be putting my health at risk. I had already given up several foods, among them pimento, mustard and tomato paste. I was on the look out for natural products, for example healing clay – a wonderful remedy from nature that's an effective treatment for so many complaints. It can easily be purchased from the pharmacy, in bio shops and health food shops and then used at home.

    I had already used it on my horse: applied as a poultice, it can be beneficial against diarrhoea and injuries…and also for children for rashes, eczema, pimples, help for sensitive teeth and gums, small wounds, insect bites and stings, etc. Healing clay soothes the skin, kills micro-organisms, aids in healing, reduces pain and swelling, stops inflammation, tones the skin, neutralise a number of microbes and toxins, etc.

    I didn't know that it was okay for consumption!

    The healing clay contained in Bentomed, combined with barley grass provides the body with minerals, and the natural essential oils can soothe the esophagus, stomach and intestinal tract. The product addresses the core of the problem.

    In the evening I prepared my water glass with a spoonful of Bentomed carefully stirred in. I left it overnight in the refrigerator so that I could drink it the next day about 15 minutes before eating. The taste is very nice and refreshing.

    I'm continuing with normal green healing clay, but I can certainly say that Bentomed was a wonderful discovery for me and that it significantly improved my health.

    Thanks fangocur,

    Ariane Werrion

    Translated from the original French.

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    Ms Ariane Werrion of Namur (Belgium)
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