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Bentomed is the universal remedy for man and beast

France Comtesse von Schlitz von Görtz and von Wrisberg: "I can heartily recommend Bentomed to everyone!"
  • Bloating and gas
  • Intestinal problems
  • Bad breath, halitosis
  • Other conditions
  • Gout
  • Experience:
    To whom it may concern,

    In July of this year I turned 57, and I ordered Bentomed with the hope that it could help me with the attacks of gout that I had suffered with since my childhood. It's not only that I quickly found relief with the use of this horrible tasting healing clay; for the first time my purine levels are also staying within the normal range, and as a nice side effect, the reflux I experienced that was related to excess stomach acid disappeared after only the third day of using Bentomed!

    I live together with my 11 dogs on the sea in France. One of the dogs, a whippet whose name Shalimar doesn't suit him well, suffers with flatulence…and we suffer along with him! His gas appears with an unsettling regularity every two minutes on average, and it's so bad that more than once we could only sit outdoors with him when going out to eat. In addition to this, there was also indigestion, a lack of appetite and bouts of fever. The veterinarian recommended probiotics (yogurt), but it didn't help. To get the dog to take the healing clay powder, I mixed it in with some quark. I can confirm that it tasted much better this way, and doing it like that did not negatively impact the effectiveness. Believe it or not, after just two days the dog's kerosine stink faded, and after three days it was completely gone. Here's how I gave him the drink remedy: in the afternoon as an appetizer I gave him a quarter teaspoon of Bentomed mixed in some quark and thinned with milk for two weeks in total. It's been three months now and the gas has not come back!

    With my sweet Marquis the problem was halitosis (bad breath). After three days of treatment, the stink of rotting fish was also gone! His very old mother and a 17 year old labrador have now also been successfully "cleansed" in the same way. Now I've order another package for our housekeeper (heartburn) and her Spanish greyhound (indigestion).

    My purine level is remaining low with three treatments per year. I drink the healing clay in the morning and evening mixed with water and a little milk to neutralise the taste – it still works. I'd recommend it to everyone.

    *Translated from the original French.

    Gout attacks
    High purine levels

    Bad breath

    Length of Treatment:
    Three three-week treatments per year

    Product(s) Used:

    France Comtesse von Schlitz von Görtz and von Wrisberg
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