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Extreme joint pain much improved

This customer was able to stop using crutches to get around after using ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules from fangocur.
  • Back, muscle and joint problems
  • Experience:
    Dear fangocur team!

    My name is Giovannino Santini and I am 77 years old. First I would like to provide some background information:

    On the 9th of March, 1995 I had to have prosthetic right hip implanted. On the 7th of July 2000, the left hip had to be operated on. During the operation my heart gave out for a bit, but after a successful resuscitation I found myself in the intensive care station. The anaesthetist told me the further surgeries were out of the question as I likely would not survive another operation.

    In December of 2000 I saw a documentary about heart surgery on television in which surgery was being carried out on an older man at the S. Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome. This hospital is renowned for heart surgery. I was full of hope when I made my appointment. After going through all the necessary examinations beforehand, I was able to undergo surgery on my left hip.

    The reason for my joint problems is that my body needs a good amount of joint fluid and it does not produce enough to properly keep my hips, shoulders, knees and all of my other joints well lubricated.

    For a while now, as in the meantime they've gotten older, my hip prosthetics were giving me a lot of pain. Twice every year I had to get an hyaluronic acid infusion so that I could continue to get around on crutches.

    Today, dear fangocur team, after using the wonderful red and green ArthroDisk Joint and Disc Capsules for three months, I am now able to set the crutches aside. For safety sake I do still use a walking stick, though. I no longer suffer with the same level of pain I was living with before. I thank God that I found the fangocur website on the Internet.

    I am certain that ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules can truly be a blessing for many people.


    Giovannino Santini

    Translated from the original Italian.

    *aus dem italienischen übersetzt 

    Joint pain
    Knee pain
    Hip pain

    Product(s) Used:
    ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules (240 caps)

    Giovannino Santini of Rom (Italy)
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