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fangocur acne products - rosacea much improved!

I have to say that after eight days my skin looked better than it has in a very long time.
  • Rosacea
  • Experience:
    I am 35 years old and I've suffered with rosacea since the birth of our second child, about 3.5 years ago. At first, I had redness on my cheeks. Soon thereafter I developed pustules that were red and swollen. This was only on my left side, and also only my nose. I wasn't happy at all about this.

    I went to the dermatologist straight away, and he diagnosed me with rosacea. I received a special cream and he also recommended some skin cleansers. They helped quite a lot in the beginning, but the rosacea kept flaring up. The problem was the the skin on the left side of my face and nose always had larger pores, so I ended up also developing quite an inferiority complex. Since last winter the outbreaks have been more and more frequent (two days of okay skin, then four or five days of bad skin).

    I went searching for products that were more effective, and that's how I came across the fangocur website. I ordered the Acne Mineral Mask, the Acne Mineral Soap, the Mineral Cream N°4, Bentomed and a natural sponge for my face. After about three or four days, things worsened a bit…just as is described in the informational sheet that comes with the products. As this was expected, I continued with the treatment.

    I have to say that after eight days my skin looked better than it has in a very long time. No more pustules, the redness was almost gone, and my complexion looked better in general. I continued using the products for three weeks. I then took a week off, and unfortunately I had another flareup during this time. After that I continued with the treatment and things improved again. I'll just keep using the products for a while longer because I think that in my case, the condition had advanced quite a bit.

    Bentomed also had positive effects as one noticed a feeling of heightened vitality after only a short time, and it also helps to resolve any existing digestive troubles ;)! I don't like the Mineral Cream N°4 very much personally as I also have very dry skin and so need lot of "extra" moisturising.

    Even so, for someone with acne the Mineral Cream N°4 is certainly worth recommending. Next time I'll order the Mineral Cream N°1 for dry skin. All in all I am very satisfied and pleased with the fangocur products.

    Thank you fangocur!


    Jasmin Steiner*

    *The name of the author has been changed at the author's request. This information is on file.

    Translated from the original German.


    Product(s) Used:
    Acne Mineral Mask
    Acne Mineral Soap
    Mineral Cream N°4
    Natural Sponge (Face)

    Jasmin Steiner* of Germany
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