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Helicobacter pylori – Free of symptoms after only 3 weeks!

Even my lactose intolerance is noticeably improved.
  • Bloating and gas
  • Diarrhoea
  • Gastritis & peptic ulcers
  • Experience:
    Dear fangocur Team! Dear reader!

    After months of torture I finally went to my doctor and gave a stool sample – the diagnosis was H. pylori bacteria. After two days I couldn't take the antibiotic that I was prescribed any more. Because of abdominal cramping and nausea, it just wasn't possible for me to keep using this "hammer".

    I knew that there had to be other possibilities for being rid of the Helicobacter pylori. That's how I came across the fangocur website while doing some research on the Internet. On that very same day I ordered fangocur Bentomed. Delivery is very fast, and I was able to start using it after only about four days.

    After a short-term therapeutic treatment with Bentomed lasting only three weeks, I'm completely free of symptoms. I no longer have the excruciating cramping, no more gas, no heartburn, no full feeling and no more nausea. My abdominal pain is gone. In addition to all that, I've also suffered with lactose intolerance for years now. Even my lactose intolerance is noticeably improved.

    I did not start out with a quarter teaspoon – I started straight away with a level teaspoon. I never had any problems with drinking Bentomed.

    Only foods that are easy to digest were on my meal plan. During the first week, the only fruit I could eat was bananas. In the second week I could eat any fruits I wanted. Since then I can even eat meat without thinking twice.

    I feel like I'm getting a fresh start! I already recommend this wonderful natural product to others, and I'll be continuing to do so. A short-term treatment twice per year is now an absolute must for me.

    Here's a personal tip from me to you: If you have problems taking medication, trying swallowing a teaspoon of native olive oil beforehand. That way the pills don't get stuck in your throat.

    Heartfelt greetings to everyone,

    Eremita Rannetsperger

    Translated from the original German.

    Helicobacter pylori

    Length of Treatment:
    3 weeks

    Product(s) Used:

    Eremita Rannetsperger of Schlehdorf (Germany)
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