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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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Years of acne and couperose – successfully treated with the products from fangocur

Amazing results with the Acne Mineral Mask, the Mineral Cream N°4 and the Acne Mineral Soap. The redness and pimples are gone!
  • Acne, blemishes, problem skin
  • Rosacea
  • Experience:
    I started using the Acne Mineral Soap as well as the Mineral Cream N°4 early in 2012 for the acne and couperose that I've had for years.

    As part of this first order (in January) I also decided to give the Mineral Drink a try.

    Until that time I'd used a special cream that was prescribed for me by my dermatologist. In the fall and winter I took the only medication that helped with my rosacea – it's called Tolexin. One complication of this medication is that it can increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. For this reason I had to use a suncream on my face with a high SPF.

    I've been using the fangocur products for a few months now and I'm already seeing an improvement in my complexion (less redness and fewer spots). I also talked with my dermatologist about fangocur and she recommended that I continue without the products if I found them to be of help.

    I ran out of the Mineral Cream N°4 and so I ordered more in July along with the Acne Mineral Mask. Here I have to point out what I'm most happy about: the results are exactly as claimed. Ever since I've been using the three products regularly (the Acne Mineral Mask in the evening, the Acne Mineral Soap in the morning and the Mineral Cream N°4 both in the morning and in the evening), I am rid of redness and pimples.

    This is why I'm writing today – to thank fangocur for the quality and effectiveness of their products, and that also meant that I didn't have to take Tolexin this winter.

    Yours truly,


    Translated from the original French.

    *The last name of the author has been withheld at the author's request. This information is on file.


    Product(s) Used:
    Acne Mineral Mask
    Mineral Cream N°4
    Acne Mineral Soap
    Mineral Drink 

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