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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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Facial skin care with the fangocur products is a one of a kind clean and healthy feeling

A very pleased customer let's us know about her positive experience with the fangocur products.

I've never experienced anything like it!
  • Wrinkles and aging skin
  • Tired or stressed skin
  • Other conditions
  • Gum problems, mouth & throat conditions
  • Experience:
    I hadn't heard of the fangocur products, and then a friend told me about them. I found out more about fangocur on the website. This is a description of my experience:

    I use the fangocur AloeVera Mineral Soap as well as the Mineral Cream N°1 (for dry skin). Every morning after I get up, I wash my face with the AloeVera Mineral Soap. I lather up the soap first and then apply it to my face.

    I immediately notice that my skin feels healthier and soothed.

    Next I wash off the soap with water. My skin is clean and feels more hydrated. I can even see the amazing effect myself in the mirror. My wrinkles haven't gone away, but they are much less pronounced or noticeable. My skin feels soft and clean.

    My skin is now ready for the Mineral Cream N°1. I like the well thought out composition of the Mineral Cream N°1 very much. As the Mineral Cream N°1 is quite fluid, one only needs to use a little for the entire face! That makes this skin cream very economical. The skin is instantly moisturised and feels even softer than before.

    You can see the healthy effects of the fangocur products. My friends who don't know what I use for skin care are always saying things like "Wow, you have really beautiful skin!"

    I'd also like to add something here about my everyday ritual with the Mineral Toothpaste from fangocur. Once again I have to say that using the fangocur products provides a truly unique feeling of clean and healthy – I've never experienced anything like it!

    Thank you very much fangocur!

    Marie-Adélaide Duchateau*

    Translated from the original French.

    *The name of the author has been changed at the author's request. This information is on file.

    Very dry skin

    Product(s) Used:
    AloeVera Mineral Soap (Triple Pack)
    Mineral Cream N°1
    Mineral-Zahncreme (Double Pack)

    Marie-Adélaide Duchateau* of Toulouse (France)
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