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Successfully rid of diarrhoea after Mineral Drink!

After about 2 weeks, my bowel movements were normal again and I also truly started to enjoy eating again.
  • Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease
  • Diarrhoea
  • Experience:
    Good day,

    A few days after our return from vacation to some remote location, my digestive system started acting up. The diarrhoea that I experienced last for practically 5 days without letup. I though at first that it was just a stomach flu! As whenever I ate, I had to make a dash for the WC after the first bites, I decided to try to restore the health of my gut flora with Bioflorin and Imodium…and to put a stop to the diarrhoea.

    It was more about fighting symptoms and I couldn't really see the light at the end of the tunnel. After about 6 weeks, I reluctantly decided to contact a doctor (as someone who once suffered with ulcerative colitis, I was a bit worried that this could be a new flare-up of the old symptoms?!?).

    As this chronic diarrhoea was very wearing, both on my physical and mental well-being, I made an appointment with a doctor in hopes of finding a solution. The doctor gave me a prescription for 7 days of antibiotics. After the first day there was a slight improvement. Following that though, it became even worse and as the lab results didn't show any bacteria or virus in my system, I gave up on the medication after 6 days. I again asked the doctor if there was another solution. My doctor had no idea! It was clear that he couldn't find the source of the problem. I was starting to play with the idea of undergoing a another expensive digestive system check. What could that really accomplish…

    Luckily I happened to find the the fangocur Mineral Drink MICRO on the Internet and I ordered without hesitating – I had nothing to loose!

    Even after the very first use – okay, the Mineral Drink MICRO does have an unpleasant taste – I felt that this healthy remedy could be helpful! During the first few days, things actually became worse. That just meant that the Mineral Drink MICRO was starting to work. My digestion stabilised noticeably after about a week. Next the gas started to go away. Today, after about 2 weeks, my bowel movements were normal again and I also truly started to enjoy eating again!

    I think of this as a return to happy living – it's unbelievable. THANK YOU SO MUCH FANGOCUR!

    I'll be passing on the treatment as described to others. I can certainly recommend the Mineral Drink MICRO to anyone who suffers with such problems!

    M.B., Switzerland

    Translated from the original German.


    Product(s) Used:
    Mineral Drink MICRO

    M.B. of Switzerland
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