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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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Rosacea successfully treated!

This happy customer reports on her success using the products from fangocur.
  • Rosacea
  • Experience:
    I developed rosacea about four years ago. It started with pimples in the morning and by the afternoon my entire face was full of them – I had to immediately go to the dermatologist. I was given some tablets that helped at first. The help didn't last! Then I received more tablets and creams, but none of them helped.

    I learned about fangocur on the Internet and ordered the Acne Mineral Mask. I was very surprised that the Acne Mineral Mask worked! Early this year, it happened again. A visit to the doctor, tablets, creams, again without success. Because of the all the different creams, the rosacea actually became worse. I was at my wits end. With such a face, I didn't even want to go outside anymore.

    Then I ordered the Acne Mineral Mask again and was diligent about applying it. My face was looked like it had been grated. Then, in addition to the pimples I also developed red spots that had a crusty surface. In spite of this, I continued applying the Acne Mineral Mask. A also read that the Mineral Drink and the Mineral Cream N°4 were very effective against rosacea. I hesitated a little because they're not exactly cheap. Three weeks ago I also ordered the Mineral Drink and the Mineral Cream N°4 as we were planning a vacation in the mountains. I was afraid that with the rosacea, I'd have to stay out of the sun. A day before my vacation the fangocur products arrived. The Mineral Drink takes some getting used to.

    I stopped using the Acne Mineral Mask straight away as I didn't need it anymore. I still use the Mineral Drink and I'll continue as you're supposed to use it for three months. I also only use the Mineral Cream  only occasionally. It's been three weeks now. My skin is amazing! No more spots and I spent some time in the sun with UVP 25. I only buy sun cream from the pharmacy, and without perfumes (Physiogel). If I had the feeling that my skin needed something, I just used the Physiogel cream.

    If I didn't find out about fangocur, I'd have been very unhappy. Even if it's a little expensive, I can still recommend giving it a try. It was very helpful for me. My face looks SUPER. One can use the fangocur products for rosacea, and skip the tablets and creams that the dermatologist recommends. These do absolutely nothing to help!


    PS - All the chemicals in medications can kill off the good bacteria that live in the intestines. For rosacea, a healthy digestive system is the most important thing. The fangocur products are 100% natural. They don't harm the good bacteria, instead they support their health.

    I would of course be happy to recommend fangocur. The success is work talking about! Please remember to use all three products together (Acne Mineral Mask, Mineral Drink, Mineral Cream N°4)! Guaranteed improvement!

    All the best,

    Brigitte Conrad 

    Translated from the original German.


    Product(s) Used:
    Acne Mineral Mask
    Mineral Drink
    Mineral Cream N°4

    Brigitte Conrad of Germany
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