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My 7 year old daughter's contact dermatitis is gone

I was able to treat her effectively by using the Curative Mineral Mask and eliminating contact with the the things she's allergic to.
  • Dermatitis & childhood skin conditions
  • Experience:

    I'm the mother of a 7 year old little girl. Ever since she was 3 she's suffered with contact dermatitis, and in the last 2 years the problem has gotten even worse. After multiple examinations and tests, we've learned that she doesn't tolerate some substances used for colouring and preservation as well as some foods.

    I was able to treat her effectively by using the Curative Mineral Mask and eliminating contact with the the things she's allergic to. The treatment worked amazingly well, and even though it's taken some time, we're seeing steady improvement.

    The mask works like an absorbant sponge, sucking away the exudate. A crust then forms, and underneath new skin grows. The effect is similar to cortisone but without the side effects, for example flaking. I'm very happy that the mask eliminated the irritating and dangerous itching. The mask is a little uncomfortable when first applied, but if I tell her a good fairy tale she's distracted until the feeling has passed.

    When I apply the mask on my daughter's skin I also use some myself as I also sometimes experience dermatitis on my hands after contact with some soaps and cleaning products.

    Over the past two years my daughter's suffering was quite intense, and we tried many topical products but none of them worked. Later it occurred to me why they likely didn't work. It's because of the active ingredients they use – even though these ingredients are okay, are mixed with additives and substances to help the products last longer (parabens, salts, scents, alcohol, etc.) which can be strong allergens. In contrast the mineral masks from fangocur are all-natural and don't cause any side effects.

    I always keep your products on hand as these conditions can be difficult to deal with. There are so many factors that can cause such skin problems so relapses are always possible. I have also noticed that if I use the products at the first sign of symptoms, the fangocur causes the skin to heal even faster.

    Thank you fangocur!

    Thanks also to the entire order hotline team for their helpful advice. I'm also sending a photo of my daughter.

    Once again a very heartfelt thanks. I'll be providing you with status updates via the hotline.

    Mommy Marina

    Translated from the original Italian.

    Contact dermatitis

    Product(s) Used:
    Curative Mineral Mask

    Eliana Mutti of Rovato (Italy)
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