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Embarrassing pimples on chest now gone after using the Acne Mineral Mask

It only took a few days of using the Acne Mineral Mask to be rid of spots and pimples on my chest.
  • Acne, blemishes, problem skin
  • Experience:
    I have no reason not to tell the whole truth here. If the product hadn't worked for me, it would have just been another try out of many. I ordered the mask but my expectations were low – I tried it because I didn't know what else I should try.

    My problem was spots and pimples on my chest, and as a woman it ruined my décolleté. It looked like I had chicken pox. I went to a clueless dermatologist who treated me with oral and topical antibiotics. That only made the problem worse.

    The only temporary relief I found was cortisone creams, but that has a lot of side effects. My skin became very sensitive and after a few days became red and appeared thin. I used the cortisone against the advice of my husband who is also a doctor.

    I received the Acne Mineral Mask on Friday afternoon and used it that evening according to the instructions. The very next morning I noticed that the redness on the spots had faded, like they were drying out. As of today it's been four days and I'm seeing a marked improvement. If I sent you a photo, you could see that the "plague spots" that everyone stared at on my chest and then asked "What do you have?" are now completely gone.

    The effect is kind of like the cortisone, but there are no side effects. The skin is clean and also hydrated. I don't feel any dryness and I don't apply any moisturiser after using the mask. When using it there's a bit of a prickly feeling and afterwards there's a little reddening. The redness doesn't last long, and I think that I have that simply because my skin is very fair and sensitive.

    In short, thanks to the fangocur Acne Mineral Mask I have solved my problem naturally and without the side effects I had with cortisone.

    All the best

    Annarita Merenda

    Translated from the original Italian

    Spot and pimples

    Product(s) Used:
    Acne Mineral Mask

    Ms Annarita Merenda of Caserta (Italy)
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