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Mineral Drink eliminated that bloated feeling

Ms Windisch describes her positive experience with the Mineral Drinking in getting rid of her bloated feeling.
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    I suffered for years (SUFFERED!) with abdominal bloating and pressure, often together with difficult and infrequent trips to the WC. It really was only bloating as I'm a very active person; in spite of my work I still get as much movement in my day as possible. I had very little fat on my belly, but it was round and pushed out as if I'd swallowed a football and only pressing on it from the outside could give some relief. What didn't I try to get rid of the problem? Medication, bitters, many kinds of tea, massage, a massage belt, laxatives, Schüssler salts and the yogurts that are advertised a lot. In summary: everything available! Nothing helped much and any improvement didn't last. One day when I was desperately searching the internet for a solution, using search terms like "bloated abdomen" and "to much air in belly", I came across "fangocur". Well, I thought to myself, that's something I haven't tried yet so why not give it a go!  I started my first four week treatment and !!!!!!! it was the FIRST thing that actually helped. Not for three days but for weeks! I did two short-term therapeutic treatments back to back and repeat this every two months. My belly is now flat and I also have the feeling that my body has less toxins and fat, and I'm happy again with my figure and also feel more fit than before!! Here's my personal tip: you ABSOLUTELY should also drink the sediment in the glass. I know that it's not easy, so here's another hint. Mix the powder in lukewarm water and let it sit for ten minutes and also fill a second glass with warm water. Hold your breath and drink 2/3 of the first glass, then stir it around again and swallow it down. Next drink the other glass that you filled up earlier, using the water to rinse your mouth if you need to. You can think about anything while you're doing this except for the taste. If you can tough it out, the success you'll experience will be WORTH IT!

    I wish everyone better health with fangocur.



    Translated from the original German.

    Flatulence (gas and bloating)

    Product(s) Used:
    Mineral Drink
    Mineral Drink Double Pack

    Sylvia Windisch of Neustadt (Germany)
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