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Hernia and excess weight lead to acid reflux – fangocur reduces the severity of symptoms

Ms Verchenko tells us about her positive experience using the Mineral Drink to treat her severe acid reflux.
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  • Experience:
    I'm 67 years old and suffer with two acute health problems that I want to get under control by myself:
    - A massive hernia for which I had surgery six years ago. The operation was not successful. After that I had to take a medication called Inexium IPP (I thought that I would have to take that for the rest of my life). It wasn't an option for me to go through the nightmare of surgery again…
    - Periodic obesity, so if I put on weight the hernia and my stomach are pressed together. This leads to acid reflux.

    Quite by chance as I was surfing the internet one day, I found the website from fangocur and ordered the Mineral Drink – enough for a 6 week therapeutic treatment. After 3 weeks, I have the following to report: I take the Mineral Drink in the morning and evening (the taste is rather strange initially, but one gets used to it quickly). Since that time I don't feel the acid reflux at night anymore, and I sleep much better – the whole night through. It's also like there's a "brake" on my apetite so I no longer feel hungry late in the evening. I've already lost 2kg in just 3 weeks, and that's also good for my hernia!
    I've been cutting down on the amount of Inexium IPP I take since starting the fangocur treatment. I'd much rather suffer with acid reflux from time to time than to deal with all the possible side effects of the medication. Even my arthritis is much improved; I work every day in the garden and I no longer have the pain I had before.
    To fight my osteoarthritis, I take devil's claw drops (harpagophytum procumbens) and rough horsetail in water or fruit juice and the fangocur seems to strengthen the effectiveness. T.M. is a homeopathic remedy that one can get without prescription from the pharmacy. It comes in 250ml vial. For people who suffer with osteoarthritis, taking this is very valuable in reducing symptoms, even if it's like you're rusting up!
    I'm now taking the 1 week break and then I'll do another 3 week treatment, first to help me to loose more weight which is good for me in general (I'm not on any kind of diet – I just eat less) and second to hopefully get rid of my stomach complaints completely.

    *The name of the author has been changed at the author's request. This information is on file.

    Acid reflux secondary to hernia and excess weight

    Length of Treatment:
    3 week intensive treatment, 1 week off, repeated 3 week intensive treatment

    Product(s) Used:
    fangocur Mineral Drink

    Ms Verchenko* from France
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