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Anti-Aging Mask: appearance transformation

Vanessa Grand-Paris reports on her unbelievable success with the Anti-Ageing Mask.
  • Wrinkles and aging skin
  • Experience:
    Likely because I spent too much time in the sun when I was younger and we didn’t have the sunscreens available nowadays, my skin started showing its age a few years ago: deep wrinkles, little wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, pink spots and a 1cm across red spot (blood vessel) on my cheek. This spot just appeared on day about 4 years ago and it just never went away. My dermatologist offered to laser all these spots away or at least make them less visible (4 sessions, €150 each). I said no and decided to cover these blemishes with a light-blocking cream that looked like plaster. I left it at that.

    I accidently discovered fangocur on the internet and liked the description of the Anti-Ageing Mask – but I didn’t have big expectations. After the first 30 minute use, I noticed effects straight away! I couldn’t believe my eyes: smooth and supple skin, my wrinkles were less pronounced, my complexion looked more full, alive and invigorated. I used the mask again 3 days later and I allowed it to work for 40 minutes. On the next day in daylight I noticed that the pink spots were less visible and the tiny vessels in the red spot seemed to be going away! Unbelievable and astounding!

    Just to make things clear: I’m 72 years old! In spite of my age, the mask worked and it continues to work. I’m not going to be 20 again but I do feel younger – the way I look, my beautiful skin colour, less wrinkles and the spots that remain are becoming less visible. I also use the mask 2 hours before going out (meeting friends, eating out, etc.) and let it work for 40 minutes before applying a moisturising cream and my makeup. My face is transformed. It goes without question that I’m going to keep on using this wonderful product.

    *The name of the author has been changed at the author's request. This information is on file.

    Translated from the original French

    Deep wrinkles, little wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, red spots, every more visible tiny blood vessels

    Length of Treatment:
    As needed

    Product(s) Used:
    Anti-Ageing Mask

    Vanessa Grand-Paris* of Colmar (France)
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