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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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Thanks to fangocur, rid of psoriasis I've had for 4 years is much improved

Ms Noémie Molière has suffered with psoriasis for more than 4 years. She writes in to tell us about her success with fangocur.
  • Psoriasis
  • Experience:
    I have been using your products for more than a year and I’d like to share my satisfying results:

    It’s like a miracle. The treatments that the dermatologist recommended offered little help, but the fangocur products brought my skin back into balance. I can feel that I’m on the path to further improvement.

    My psoriasis started 5 years ago. The 18 affected areas are now only 4...I’m almost down to 3! Actually 2 new patches appeared since I started with the fangocur, but they both disappeared again within a week. I have tried so many treatments, from cortisone to other natural remedies, and most of them did nothing to help…but they did have side effects and many were quite expensive. Thanks to an intensive fangocur treatment (soap + mask + mineral drink), half of the affected areas healed within 4 months! Today I’m celebrating the anniversary of my discovery. The largest and most stubborn 4 patches are still there, though they are much improved and don’t itch anymore (excess for my scalp which until now I haven’t started treating). Everything is more bearable and I find the prices to be right as the products really brought improvement. One does have to have a lot of endurance and patience though as you have to make time for yourself every day and try not to avoid skipping the planned treatments. The more stubborn patches might burn a little early on but one quickly begins to notice that this is rejuvenating as new healthy skin appears. I continue to use the mask for a few weeks even after a patch has disappeared. The psoriasis on areas that I’ve finished treating has not come back. I’ll be trying a thinned-down version of the mask on my scalp as recommended by your customer service (very helpful).

    Many thanks and bravo for your products. They deliver on everything: effectiveness, ease of use in comparison to other products that I’ve tried and above all they’re natural so there’s no worry about side effects. In addition improved digestion, more beautiful skin and more. Your healing clay gives me hope that at this rate all of my skin problems will be a thing of the past in a year or two. I’ll keep you updated…

    Translated from the original French

    Stubborn psoriasis, slowly and steadily getting better

    Length of Treatment:
    Internal treatment (Mineral Drink) 4x per year
    External treatment 1x daily for a year

    Product(s) Used:
    Curative Mineral Soap
    Curative Mineral Mask
    Mineral Drink

    Ms Noémie Molière of Paris (France)
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