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Stubborn acne effectively fought with fangocur

Gabriele Neri* writes in to tell us that he's suffered with acne for five years, and now it's under control thanks to fangocur
  • Acne, blemishes, problem skin
  • Experience:
    Since the age of 15 I've suffered with stubborn acne as well as oily problem skin in general. Now I'm 20 and for the last five years I've been going to dermatologists and specialists and even after long and very expensive treatments, my skin never became more smooth and I was never free of acne. I was paying 100 to 120 Euro every month for acne products and antibiotics. I don't even want to talk about the dermatologist sessions: on average 80 Euro every two months for an appointment that lasted all of ten minutes. In that time I didn't come across any natural remedies for acne, then luckily found your website and bought the products offered by fangocur. In just one week, the pimples and blackheads are almost completely gone, and my skin looks and feels smooth. I used the Acne Mineral Soap for washing, put on the Acne Mineral Mask every night for a half an hour before I went to bed, used the sponge to clean off the mask and the Mineral Cream N°4 to moisturize my skin. I almost couldn't believe my eyes – my skin was looking better, more smooth and cleaner every day. I was really pleased with how well the products worked and I will definitely keep using them, maybe a little less because they've already done such a great job on my skin. I'd recommend fangocur to anyone who suffers with this condition. This was the first useful way to address my problem after years wasted on undergoing expensive treatments.

    *The name of the author has been changed at the author's request. This information is on file.

    Translated from the original Italian

    Stubborn acne

    Product(s) Used:
    Acne Mineral Soap
    Acne Mineral Mask
    Mineral Cream N°4
    fangocur Natural Sponge (Face)

    Gabriele Neri* of Italy
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