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Have you heard of jiaogulan?
(17.01.2022) back
Jiaogulan comes from east and south-east Asia and it provides the body with energy and vitality
Jiaogulan offers a number of wonderful health benefits for the body, and it's easily prepared as a tea

The plant that we would like to introduce you to today is native to east and south-east Asia. It grows as a vine and is actually a member of the cucumber or gourd family, and it's very unique sounding name is Jiaogulan.

What makes jiaogulan so special?

This plant has been successfully used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, and thanks to it's beneficial effects it has come to commonly be known as "the immortality herb". The choice of name underlines the position of value that it enjoys. Jiaogulan is very rich in saponins. These secondary phytonutrients strengthen the human body and help us to resist illnesses. This effect is reinforced by a relatively high flavonoid content. Flavonoids function as antioxidants in the body and, among other positive effects, work to counter the ageing process. Moreover jiaogulan provides us with essential amino acids and vitamins as well as trace elements like iron, magnesium and zinc. The last one mentioned, zinc, is especially important for good immune system function.

What can this plant be used for?

Thanks to the special makeup of the plant, as described above, Jiaogulan also has adaptogenic effects. This means that it helps the body to better adapt to high levels of physical and mental stress, i.e. it helps you to deal with challenging situations. This fact has actually been proven in several studies; specifically, this plant activates T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes – these are subtypes of white blood cells and are responsible for protecting the body from pathogens. Our neurology also benefits from jiaogulan as it also offers protective effects for the nervous system. For people who struggle with blood sugar issues, this natural remedy is also noteworthy as it helps to restore balance.

Early on in the histories of China and Japan, when people started taking a closer look at jiaogulan, they noticed that the number of centenarians was markedly higher than average in the regions where the plant was consumed regularly. This fact alone ought to motivate us to start taking in more jiaogulan, and the easiest way to do this is as a tea. Such tea leaves can be found at better pharmacies or shops that deal specifically in teas. We hope you make a cup or two of jiaogulan tea part of your everyday routine.

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