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The Many Uses of Patchouli
(01.11.2021) back
A concentrated extract of patchouli is commonly used in perfumes
Many of us are familiar with patchouli, likely due to its use in the perfume industry as a concentrated extract
Patchouli is actually also being put to good use in many other industries
In fact, this plant has a number of other helpful characteristics

Many have heard of the plant that we'll be providing some in-depth information about today, primarily in relation to its use in the perfume industry. It is actually an ingredient in many products thanks to its pleasant fragrance. This plant is not only an indulgence for the nose – it also offers many positive benefits to mind and body alike!

Much more than "just perfume"

The largest perfume producers in the world have treasured the aromatic scent of patchouli oil for centuries, and this is the reason they often choose to use it in concentrated form in their creations. The plant itself comes from Asia and in reality it has much more to offer than a pleasant smell. Take for example its use as an effective remedy for insect bites: moisten a patchouli leaf and place it on the bite. Any itching or irritation will largely fade away. Moreover, the oil that can be extracted from this plant is actually a mood booster, and it has even been put to use in traditional Chinese medicine to treat snake bites. It's also clear that patchouli can work well as an antiseptic. A warm bath to which patchouli has been added simultaneously soothes muscles and psyche. In addition, patchouli oil gives the skin a more youthful appearance, in that it has been shown to help against wrinkles by making them less perceptible. Taking all of the many uses into consideration, it's obvious just how versatile this plant is when it comes to possible applications.

Likely the most important medicinal area of application, and the one most useful to many of us, is its application of this plant's oil for the treatment of sensitive or damaged skin. Chapped, cracked or peeling patches are regenerated, the metabolism of oily skin is normalised, and any kind of inflammation present is soothed. Patchouli restores good skin health – it is more than simple a joy to experience through our sense of smell, rather it can also be an honest to goodness wonder in terms of its many positive effects on mind and body.

At fangocur we use the wonderful effectiveness of this plant for several of our top quality natural products. First on the list, we chose to include patchouli oil as a fixed feature of our Acne Mineral Mask.


Our fangocur Acne Mineral Mask is deep cleaning and anti-inflammatory, and at the same time it helps to regulate the metabolism of the skin. This time-tested combination of Gossendorf fango, a healing clay found in the south of Austria, and select all-natural essential oils makes this mask an ideal compliment in the treatment of the following skin conditions:

- Blemishes, black heads, spots and pimples

- Spider veins

- Rosacea

- Boils

- Abscesses

To round out the treatment, we developed our Mineral Cream N°4 and our Acne Mineral Soap. Naturally our skin cream can be used during the day or overnight, while the soap works well for everyday facial cleansing…ideally also before applying the mineral mask.

Problem skin can be a thing of the past with the use of our certified natural skincare products! Below you'll find an overview of our recommendations:

Acne Mineral Mask

Mineral Cream N°4

Acne Mineral Soap

Our aim is to be by your side on the path to healthier skin, and we're available at or 0043 123 503 29 31 should you have any questions.

Discover all we have to offer in our healthy online shop!

Source for the patchouli information: The Essential Herbs Handbook – More Than 100 Herbs for Well-being, Healing and Happiness, Lesley Bremness, Duncan Baird Publishers, 2009.

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