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Lose Weight During Sleep – It Can Be So Easy
(06.01.2020) back
Lose weight while you sleep – increase the amount of calories you burn during the night
You burn calories while you sleep – there are some simple things that you can do to increase the amount

The body also uses up calories during sleep. You can use a few simple tricks to ensure that you make the most of this effect, markedly increasing the amount of calories you use while you sleep. That means you can also lose weight during the night.

You don't only burn calories while you're working out or otherwise engaging in physical activity. On the contrary, this is a constant process – it's even going on while we sleep. Actually, the body needs more than a small amount of calories during sleep in order to maintain normal body functions. There are a few simple things you can do yourself to increase the amount of calories that your body burns during the night.

The brain is especially active during REM sleep

In the so-called REM phase of sleep (i.e. rapid eye movement) your brain is quite active, and your blood pressure and pulse rate increase. During this phase of sleep, you primarily burns glucose, which is the fuel that your body uses for energy. For adults, REM accounts for about 20 to 25 percent of the time you're sleeping. To be clear, only a small amount of sleeping time is devoted to REM sleep just after you go to bed…in contrast, the frequency and duration of REM sleep increase toward the end of the night.

Additionally, during sleep cellular repair mechanisms are activated. The more active you have been during the day, the more work your body has to do during the night in order to repair the cells – naturally this increased activity uses up even more calories.

How many calories do you burn while you sleep?

This depends on a multitude of factors, and primary among these is your base metabolic rate. This refers to the amount of energy that your body needs in order to maintain its most important functions. The more body weight someone has, the more energy is needed. As a general rule, a healthy adult who weights 70kg will burn about 45 calories per hour during sleep.

So how can you use this information in order to use up a maximum amount of energy while you sleep, and thus lose as much weight as possible during your downtime?

  • Physical activity during the day increases the amount of energy used by the body while sleeping.
  • Avoid going to bed too late so that you can utilise longer and more intensive REM sleep phases completely mornings.
  • Do not eat anything for 3-4 hours before going to bed. Doing this means you'll have less glucose in your bloodstream, so your body will tap into your fat reserves to make more glucose.
  • Make sure that your bedroom is dark to increase the quality and duration of your sleep. This leads to greater calorie use.

Our TriggerSleeping pillow encourages movement while you sleep

Last but not least, using our TriggerSleeping Mobility Pillow is another important thing you can do to lose weight during sleep. Our renowned sleep pillow from Dr. Eduard Lanz encourages movement while you sleep so that you not only have a more healthy sleep; instead, you also use up more calories.

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