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News – Current
Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Jiaogulan comes from east and south-east Asia and it provides the body with energy and vitality 17.01.2022
Have you heard of jiaogulan?
The plant that we would like to introduce you to today is native to east and south-east Asia. It grows as a vine and is actually a member of the cucumber or gourd family, and it's very unique sounding name is Jiaogulan.
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Elderberry improves your health thanks to the many secondary phytonutrients it contains 10.01.2022
Enjoy the Many Benefits of Elderberry
Holler Vulkan from fangocur contains concentrated elderberries, chokeberries (i.e. aronia), black and red currants as well as apples – naturally organic and top quality. Our drink not only tastes amazing…it also provides the body with wholesome vitamins and minerals. This in turn improves immune function in a 100% natural way.
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Red beets provide a real boost to our health 03.01.2022
What makes red beets so healthy?
As the days grow shorter and colder, our bodies need more nutrient-dense foods than is the case on a hot summer day. This is mirrored in the vegetables that normally find their way onto our plates in the cold winter months. Wintertime is beet season, and today we'll be introducing you to special variety of beet as well as breaking down all of the health benefits.
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Oil pulling support good oral health in a number of ways 27.12.2021
Oil pulling is so very effective!
Everyone's daily routine includes tooth brushing, optimally many times per day. Still, there's more to good oral hygiene than teeth cleaning – the gums and the condition of the tongue are also very important when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy. Today you'll find out all about a natural method that's easy to incorporate into your day. It will bring out the glow in your smile while making your gums more healthy and robust.
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Caring for your skin with the mineral skin creams from fangocur keeps your skin looking years younger 20.12.2021
Like to know more about healthy skin?
Rain and cold in the winter, heat and humidity in the summer – add to that all of the possible pollutants as well as any personal stress that you may be experiencing: Our skin has to contend with a plethora of challenges. It really is put to the test on a daily basis. Proper skin care is essential, and the specifics depend on skin type…after all, everyone wants to have healthy, glowing skin. Today we would like to introduce the organic skin creams from fangocur!
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