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News – Current
Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Facial Creams with the Power of Healing Clay
It seems like we're always being asked to put our unique healing clay to use in a facial cream. Until now we were only able to offer natural, high quality skin creams – unfortunately without our healing clay as an ingredient. Now we've finally succeeded in uniting the best in natural skin care with the power of healing clay.
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ArthroDisc: Important Nutrients for Joints and Discs
Years of improper body use and poor posture as well as strain – for example difficult physical work, being overweight or participation in sports – can simply be too much for your joints and the discs between the vertebrae in your back. Such wear and tear can result in limited range of motion along with aches and pains. There is a way to address these problems: ArthroDisc provides a balanced combination of ingredients that help to protect the joints while encouraging regeneration. This means that joint wear is countered so that movement can remain free in the later years.
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Free of Digestive Complaints
Eating poorly, stress and environmental challenges are leading to a rise in the prevalence of digestive conditions and metabolic problems in general. Often a shift to a more healthy diet can be enough to restore balance in the digestive system.
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The Home Remedy for Sensitive Skin: Soap
Did you know that the most natural and gentle way to clean the skin is to use soap? No natural shower gel or other skin cleansing product is as gentle as soap. It is a true home remedy for people with sensitive skin. Read on to find out just why this is the case.
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Clear Complexion with Our Facial Masks
The complexion is especially vulnerable to environmental influences. Dirt and dust particles penetrate deeply into the skin, becoming imbedded in the pores and limiting their functioning. Only regular deep cleansing of the skin can help. Remember: most common skin cleaning products only clean the surface of the skin. The Mineral Masks from fangocur are different. The special way the masks work means that they clean even the deepest layers of the skin, preventing skin problems like spots, pimples and inflammation.
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