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News – Current
Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Restoring Mobility to Painful Joints
Our bones and joints need care just like the rest of our bodies, though we don't really pay attention to them and often only start to notice when there's a problem. Only by taking care of our bodies can we maintain good function as we age.
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Natural Sun Protection - Safe and Effective
Summertime is also the time people are looking for ways to protect themselves from the sun. Take care: common sunscreens are real chemical concoctions that can contain a number of questionable ingredients. Now there's an alternative from fangocur – natural sunscreen lotions that are both safe and effective.
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Guaranteed Glowing Skin in Only 20 Minutes
The Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur is a pure luxury for the complexion. With the unique makeup of fango healing clay, the mask fights the signs of skin aging such as the development of wrinkles. You'll experience its unbelievable effectiveness after the very first use!
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Natural Intestinal Cleansing and Decontamination
Never before have people been exposed to so many harmful substances. Our bodies are constantly at work, getting rid of toxins taken in from the air we breathe and the foods we eat. Let's help them to preserve good health!
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Kissing - Now Even Better!
You can be sure that your breath is always fresh when you use one of our 100% natural fangocur Mouth Sprays. They're small and convenient to use – there's no reason to not always have one on hand.
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