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Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Push ups can easily be integrated into your daily routine 19.04.2021
Unbelievable - Fitness in Minutes
Unfortunately for many, there just aren't enough hours in the day to go to the gym or health club. It might also be the case that we simply don't want to spend a lot of time on some kind of fitness equipment. Here's the good news: you can stay healthy without going to the gym. It's actually quite simple to incorporate some healthy exercises into your everyday routine, and that can be enough to keep your body looking and feeling good. Naturally, there's also absolutely nothing wrong with going to the health club if your schedule allows for it.
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A quality, plant-based diet provides you with a healthy complexion 12.04.2021
These Foods Promote a Beautiful Complexion
Freshness, health and vitality are likely attributes that we would all like to show the world. There are of course a number of factors that are important when it comes to your appearance. A good example is regularly spending some time in the sunshine, likewise including recommended amounts of physical activity in your weekly planning. In addition, paying attention to what you eat also has a big influence as whatever we eat also affects the quality of our skin. Today you'll be learning about what foods promote a naturally healthy and beautiful complexion.
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Cow milk is not well tolerated by our bodies 05.04.2021
Discover the Healthy Milk Alternative
The regular consumption of milk and dairy products is essential for the maintenance of healthy bones, or at least that's what we've been told by nutritionist and dietary scientists over the years. Nonetheless, new studies are revealing that there are some clear alternatives that are plant-based and actually better for our bodies as they are easier for us to digest. Today you'll learn about one of these healthier replacements for cow milk.
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Rolled oats are healthy, help with weight loss, and detoxify the liver 29.03.2021
A Delicious Way to Lose Weight and Improve Liver Health
In recent years carbohydrates have been receiving a lot of negative press, some even recommending avoiding carbs completely. Let's remember that our cells require fuel to convert energy – that makes cutting out carbs an absurd idea. Regularly consuming good carbohydrates doesn't lead to weight gain, in fact just the opposite is true: quality carbohydrates are helpful when it comes to losing weight. There's even one particular carbohydrate-rich food that's been proven to be especially effective in this regard.
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Thanks to its many positive health effects, turmeric is a truly precious spice 22.03.2021
A Spice with Healing Power
Brilliant yellow – that's the first thing one notices about turmeric. The radiance of the colour is also reflected in the effectiveness of its healing power. Today you'll find out about in just what way this precious spice can be helpful, and how you can incorporate it into your everyday meals.
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