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Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Improve your intestinal function strengthens your immune response 06.04.2020
Stronger Immune System Now
Now it's more important than ever to ensure that your immune system is working well. By doing the right combination of things, you can reduce the likelihood of contracting a virus. Take action now and improve your body's immune defenses.
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Dietary supplements should only be taken in exceptional situations 30.03.2020
Supplements: Healthy or Harmful?
The market for supplements is booming, and the big pharmaceutical firms have been pushing this agenda for a long time. The argument for taking supplements is that one can never get enough vitamins and trace elements – this sounds somehow logical. The question that we're addressing today is whether or not supplements are really so healthy.
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It's possible to maintain your health as you age 23.03.2020
The Art of Being Unwell
You read that right: there really is an art to making your body unhealthy, although there are of course exceptions. You can do damage to your body for years, or even decades, without developing any signs of having any serious health problems. Your body manages to use every trick in the book to keep you healthy. The truth is that it is actually not so easy to lead a life that makes your body sick.
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Now is the time to start your day with gentle joint movements 16.03.2020
A Bit of Movement Is Very Beneficial
One often hears the recommendation that regular physical activity is important if you want to be healthy. This advice is good, but people often forget that even a little bit of challenge for your body can be very beneficial. In today's newsletter, we'll be informing you about how even a small amount of movement can be helpful when it comes to your good health.
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Moderate exercise does not help you to lose weight 09.03.2020
Exercise Makes You Fat
Time and time again, we hear that we have to move more in order to lose weight. Increased physical activity and exercise supposedly melt away belly fat as well as fat on the hips. Nonetheless experience seems show just the opposite: People are becoming more and more fat, in spite of participating in more physical activity. Is this really true, and if it is, what is the reason?
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