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Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
From now on, gently move every joint in your body 26.08.2019
Even a little physical activity can be very beneficial
We all often hear the recommendation that regular physical activity is important for our health. The advice is good, but it's easy to forget that even challenging our bodies a little bit can still be very beneficial. Today we would like to inform you about how even a small amount of moving can be extremely helpful when it comes to your health.
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Fruits and vegetables are healthy but they are not very calorie-dense 19.08.2019
The Big Disadvantage of Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are generally considered to be healthy…and that is also completely correct. Nonetheless, there is one big disadvantage to getting most or all of one's nutrients from fruits and vegetables: You might not get enough calories, which commonly leads to intense hunger pangs. One might also feel weak and listless. There is a relatively simply and moreover very healthy solution.
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The advertisements tell us that yogurt is healthy and regulates the digestive system 12.08.2019
No more yogurt fairytale?
Yogurt is taking up more and more place in the dairy aisle at the supermarket, and the advertising budget of the dairy industry for yogurt is gigantic. For these reasons, various yogurt products are growing in popularity among the general public, and almost everyone thinks that these dairy products promote healthy digestive function. Here's the question: Is that really true?
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Vitamin D is produced by the body with exposure to sunlight 05.08.2019
Summertime Vitamin D Deficiency?
With sufficient sun exposure, the body is able to make enough vitamin D on it's own. Nonetheless, some people who live very far north or very far south, i.e. far from the equator, might be deficient in vitamin D. That's why medical professionals recommend taking vitamin D as a supplement. Today our focus is this question: Is it still necessary to take vitamin D supplements in the summertime?
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The body can only function at it's best with enough water 29.07.2019
Drinking Water: When, How Much, and Why?
The summer heat is hard on almost everyone. That's why it's important to drink enough water so that the body's level of hydration always remains in balance. How much water should you really be drinking though? Is there a better time of day to be drinking water? What is the reason for the well-known 2 litres per day maxim, and moreover is it actually correct? Today we're going to give you the facts.
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