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Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Low-card or paleo diets are not recommended 14.06.2021
Are low-carb and paleo diets really healthy?
There are more and more articles in many different kinds of magazines about eating low-carb or "paleo", and there are also reports in the media about how such diets promote weight loss. One really has to ask if it's sensible and heathy for us to give up carbohydrates or even simply eat less of them for the longer term.
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Industrially produced juices and lemonades often tend to be unhealthy 07.06.2021
Fruit Juice: Keep these things in mind!
They're available in almost any flavour you can imagine, and they grow in popularity as we enter the warmer summer months. Fruit juices are enjoyed by young and old alike, but are they really healthy? Should people be drinking them on a daily basis? Today we'll be giving you all the answers!
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Unfortunately belly fat is the rule and not the exception 31.05.2021
The Truth: What's Making People Fat?
More and more people who eat a typical Western diet are overweight. If you look closely, even those who tend to be thin also have a bit of fat around the middle. Women often store excess fat on their hips, thighs and buttocks. What is in fact to blame for this, and why do so few people know what to do about it?
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Frequent visits to the forest strengthen your health in lasting ways 24.05.2021
Reasons for Regular Woodland Walks
The forest is truly a symbol of life and vitality, especially in the springtime. The eyes can be almost overwhelmed with the many shades of green while the variety of smells is a delight for the nose and the singing of bird fills our ears. A walk in the forest is real treat for the senses, and it moreover is a natural way to add some physical activity to your day. This green paradise offers a moment of stillness and harmony. Today you'll discover why a visit to the forest also supports good health in some amazing ways!
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Dandelion is easy to find and can be used in many ways to improve health 17.05.2021
Why make use of wild plants?
As soon as the early summer months roll around, useful plants like wild herbs begin to spring up in fields and pastures. You'll like see some of these useful plants growing in open spaces while out on a stroll. Still, most people don't give much thought to such possibilities, for example ways in which you can put wild-growing plants to use in your own kitchen – teas are just one example. Today we'll be introducing you to two such plants.
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