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Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Natural Products for Hair and Body
Get to know our line of nature skincare and haircare products! They provide optimal care for all types of skin and hair, whether normal or very sensitive, gently cleansing while at the same time fortifying skin and hair with minerals. Thanks to their subtle and light scents, they are suitable for use by both men and women.
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The Many Negative Effects of Poor Foot Function
Commonly back and disc problems along with muscle and joint pain are at least in part caused by improper foot position. Such poor foot position can be barely noticeable, nonetheless the consequences can be quite severe. TriggerMoving insoles from Dr. Lanz work to optimize the position of your feet, even helping to correct the smallest of positioning problems.
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The Secret of the Ancients
Troubles with digestion, skin problems, inflammation along with a number of other health conditions were treated by more "primitive" cultures using the power of natural clay. Just what is in this clay that even today is known as healing clay, and what makes it such a natural treasure?
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Now Lasting Relief from Bad Breath
Many people suffer with bad breath, but few talk about it. It's also possible that those with bad breath don't even know – one gets used to the smell. There are effective things one can do to fight bad breath.
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Naturally Address Joint Conditions
Joint pain and back problems should not be simply accepted as part of life. Now is the time to put a stop to existing back pain as well as prevent back pain in the future with an intensive, refresher or preventative ArthroDisc treatment.
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