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Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Milk thistle cleanses the liver in a natural way 20.09.2021
The Importance of Bitter-Tasting Foods
Today many people find bitter foods unpleasant, and many avoid the taste altogether. Nonetheless, it's becoming more and more clear how important bitter foods and drinks are for our health. Today you'll learn the reason why, and we'll also be explaining the best way to provide your body with bitter food in a 100% natural way.
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Vitamin D is produced by the body with exposure to sunlight 13.09.2021
Summertime Vitamin D Deficiency?
With sufficient sun exposure, the body is able to make enough vitamin D on it's own. Nonetheless, some people who live very far north or very far south, i.e. far from the equator, might be deficient in vitamin D. That's why medical professionals recommend taking vitamin D as a supplement. Today our focus is this question: Is it still necessary to take vitamin D supplements in the summertime?
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Free of Digestive Complaints
Eating poorly, stress and environmental challenges are leading to a rise in the prevalence of digestive conditions and metabolic problems in general. Often a shift to a more healthy diet can be enough to restore balance in the digestive system.
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A person's DNA is not the only determinant of their health, instead what one does to maintain the body is of much greater importance! 30.08.2021
This Discovery Will Change Your Life!
Eye color, height, skin type: all of these physical characteristics are determined by our genes. Whether you like it or not, this is why we're often told that we resemble our family members in one way or another. Moreover, the fact that certain diseases are genetically inherited goes without saying. Nonetheless such genetic influences are far less important than one might think. Take high blood pressure, for example, or high cholesterol – you need not simply resign yourself to such conditions; instead, you should take responsibility for your health…and enjoy the knowledge that it's in your power to make positive changes!
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Preventing Oral Health Problems
Every year thousands of people experience serious oral health problems, including mouth, throat and jaw conditions. The main causes of these conditions are alcohol and smoking. Moreover, a lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to serious diseases affecting the mouth. What does one need to pay attention to in order to have a healthy mouth? What oral healthcare products and practices are unnecessary…or even harmful?
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