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Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Sugar is not responsible for diabetes 02.12.2019
Is sugar really responsible for diabetes?
The world is diabetic. According to a WHO report from 2016, more that 400 million people worldwide are afflicted with diabetes. About 4 million people die every year from the disease, or from a condition related to diabetes – there are 620,000 diabetes-related deaths per year in Europe. This means that diabetes is statistically one of the leading causes of death. What is the real cause of this development, and is it really connected to sugar?
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Take a break from the stress of the day – eat slowly and really pay attention to your food 25.11.2019
False: Digestion begins in the mouth
Digestion begins in the mouth – we've all heard this expression before. When looked at in one way, it is indeed correct, but looked at another way, we find that it is not completely true. This might come as a surprise, but in reality digestion begins in the head.
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People are sleeping less and less thanks in part to electric light 18.11.2019
How much sleep do we really need?
Along with the invention of the lightbulb came a big interference in people's natural sleep habits. Any time of day, and almost anywhere on the planet, the night can be made into day. Unfortunately this has negative implications for our health. The question is this: How much sleep do we really need?
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Open the windows and let the fresh air into your living space 11.11.2019
No Chance for Influenza
Especially during this time of year, as the days once again become colder and there's more rain and wind to contend with, it is all the more important to ensure the proper functioning of the immune system. With the help of the following tips for a more relaxed daily routine, we'll show you how you can stay healthy and fit throughout the cooler winter months.
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Bad breath is not something that should not be taken lightly 04.11.2019
The Real Cause of Bad Breath
Many people suffer with bad breath (also known as "halitosis") but people rarely talk about it. In addition, many people with this problem don't even know that they have bad breath because they are no longer sensitive to the smell of their own breath. Bad breath is more than just a hygiene problem – it's also a medical condition. The important thing is this: It's very simple to prevent!
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