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Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Good coffee in the morning is essential for many 05.10.2020
Coffee: Harmful or Healthy
Opinions truly differ when it comes to coffee. One day you might pick up a magazine or newspaper and read about the risks associated with drinking coffee, and on another day you can read about its many health benefits. One side calls it an addictive substance, and the other calls it a healthy elixir. Few people actually know all the ins and outs of coffee – we'll clear all that up and share the real truth about the coffee you love.
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Take action now – do what you can to prevent arterial sclerosis 28.09.2020
Almost Everyone Has This Disease
Nearly everyone has this disease, and unfortunately that leads many to believe that it's somehow a normal condition. The illness we're talking about is called arterial sclerosis, but many people are more familiar with the common description: hardening of the arteries. This disease can lead to heart attack or stroke. Don't simply accept this condition as normal – follow our recommendations and do something about it.
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Increase the amount of calories you burn during the night and lose weight while you sleep 21.09.2020
Easily Lose Weight While You Sleep
The body also uses up calories during sleep. You can add a few simple tricks to your daily routine to ensure that you make the most of this effect, markedly increasing the amount of calories you use while you sleep. The takeaway is that you can also lose weight during the night.
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Fruits and vegetables are healthy but they are not very calorie-dense 14.09.2020
The Big Disadvantage of Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are generally considered to be healthy…and that is also completely correct. Nonetheless, there is one big disadvantage to getting most or all of one's nutrients from fruits and vegetables: You might not get enough calories, which commonly leads to intense hunger pangs. One might also feel weak and listless. There is a relatively simply and moreover very healthy solution.
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Mushrooms provide a boost to our immune systems 07.09.2020
An Underrated Superfood
In some parts of the world, depending on the time of year, hunting for mushrooms is part of a walk in the woods. It's a pastime for young and old alike. An important facet of this activity is of course inspecting the mushroom, and if they're good to eat, you can include them in your mealtime preparation. That's a great start to a delicious meal! New research has revealed that mushrooms not only taste good – they also improve the function of the immune system, thus helping the body to fight viruses and bacteria.
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