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Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Lentils in many variations promote intestinal health 30.11.2020
Discover the power of this natural probiotic!
We've already covered the fact that lentils are a wonderful plant-based source of protein. When you eat lentils, your body is efficiently supplied with protein – this is in contrast to the way the body makes use of protein from animal sources. In addition to this positive for our health, these little round legumes provide us with even more healthy benefits. Today we'll be covering two of theses.
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Reduce the amount of plant-based fats you're eating, for example oils, nuts and avocados 23.11.2020
Are plant-based oils and fats healthy?
Many people think that there's a solid connection between the use of plant-based fats and oils and being healthy, and it's also a common belief that nuts, olives, avocados and other plants that contain a lot of fat promote wellness. Is that really true? Are plant-based fats really better than fat from animal sources?
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Easier breathing improves your general well-being, clears your head and improves your mood 16.11.2020
Breathing Exercises to Maintain Lifelong Lung Function
Would you like to learn an effective method for staying young and healthy? Then you really should be doing some kind of "breathing callisthenics". The exercises we're presenting here are not at all difficult, and they'll slow the ageing process of your lungs.
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Linseeds should be on the menu every day! 09.11.2020
Use the Power of Linseeds
Do you have high blood pressure combined with less than ideal triglyceride and cholesterol levels? At the same time, maybe you would like a natural way to protect your prostate or breast tissue from serious health problems? Then we have the answer: put your faith in the positive health effects of linseeds! Why this is the case is the topic of this newsletter.
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Migraine, headache, nausea or menstrual symptoms can all be addressed in a natural way 02.11.2020
Treating Migraines in a Natural Way
The extreme discomfort of pain and pressure in your head: this is how a headache during a migraine attack can feel. In many cases, this is combined with feelings of dizziness and nausea, which can of course make the life of the migraine sufferer extremely difficult. In order to make this condition less unpleasant, today we would like to recommend a plant that you likely had no idea could be such a big help.
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