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About Our Products
We receive a lot of positive feedback (e-mails and letters) about our natural healing clay products. Here you'll find a selection of testimonials from customers and health care professionals who've written to us. These are personal experiences with the products, and the people writing have graciously allowed us to post their photo(s) here. If you'd also like to tell us about your success with fangocur, please send a note and a photo to:
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15 days of fangocur and rid of facial acne
Yvan Oberdorff of France has suffered with acne since an accident. His acne went away after using fangocur.
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17 years of acne – big improvement thanks to the acne products from fangocur
I am simply so excited! The power of nature gave me healthier, better looking skin – and with absolutely no side effects.
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3 Prolapsed discs in neck - TriggerSleeping Mobility Pillow helps
Thanks to the TriggerSleeping Mobility Pillow, I haven't needed another cortisone shot in a year.
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3-in-1 Curative Mineral Soap!
Mr Jürgen Bartelmus of Echzell is very pleased with the Curative Mineral Soap!
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A happy customer writes in about ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules
Feeling happy and free of pain!
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Abdominal complaints much improved after a very short time!
A satisfied customer tells us about his experience with fangocur Bentomed.
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Acid reflux and gastritis successfully treated with the fangocur Mineral Drink
Mr Robert Groihs writes about using the fangocur Mineral Drink to treat his gastritis.
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Mrs Renate Piesch from Innsbruck
Acne diagnosis: great success using the Acne Mineral Mask and Mineral Drink
A happy mother describes a tremendous success in treating her 17 year old son's acne.
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Acne for years – effectively treated with the Acne Mineral Mask and the Mineral Drink
I am happy to say that I no longer need makeup to cover up my skin condition. I also go out more and I'm not at all ashamed of how I look!!!
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Ms Judith Thom of Samtens/Rügen (Germany)
Acne Mineral Mask - bought it, tried it, it works
Good skin again, free of spots and blackheads, for Ms Judith Thom of Samtens/Rügen (Germany) after treatment with the Acne Mineral Mask.
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